Mornington Peninsula’s Best Wedding Photography Venue Locations by Mornington Peninsula wedding Photographer James Harvie Photography

Mornington Peninsula’s Best Wedding Photography Venue Locations by Mornington Peninsula wedding Photographer James Harvie Photography

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Finding your Mornington Peninsula wedding venue is a bit like choosing a Photographer. You need to find the venue that you feel comfortable with, can relate to and one which reflects your personality and general wedding theme.


Far gone are the days of holding a wedding ceremony primarily in a church. Today there are just so many options and the Mornington Peninsula has an abundance of truly special wedding venues.


Maybe you have been to a friends wedding down here and really liked the venue. Or maybe you have friends who can recommend a venue. But believe me it is a tricky task finding the perfect wedding venue for you.


I guess if I were in your shoes I’d be really simple and grab a piece of paper.

Now make 3 columns. Column 1 title “Wish list.” Column 2 “Must have” and column 3 “Don’t wants.” Now begin to list things under the columns. So your list might look like this:


Wish List                    Must have                                          Don’t wants


Expensive wine         Moderately Expensive wine           $2 bottled wine

Live Band                   Live Band                                          Duke Box

Photographer            Photographer for Cake & Dance    Throw away camera           

all night                     

Once you have done this your ideas are down in front of you rather than being confused in your head. Planning your wedding is quite a project and rather than panic and get overwhelmed putting things down on paper can help make things a lot easier. Once you have made some notes about the wedding venue you will then be in a position to work out which type of wedding venue category is your best fit.


So lets move on and take a look at Mornington Peninsula’s wedding venues.


The range of wedding Photography locations on the Mornington Peninsula broadly speaking can be classified into 3 categories


1/ Boutique Wineries / venues

These comprise those venues small in nature but huge in character. Often characterised as rustic venues filled with charm and charisma. Typically fun rustic off beat images are the result. Well that’s if its me photographing it.


Below is a list of some examples:


Iluka Retreat Weddings

The Baths

Baxter Barn


2/ Larger More Formal Venues


Whilst still maintaining that Mornington Peninsula character these venues are a little more structured and Formal in their approach. In some respects they appear more grand and upmarket. They can cater for larger groups and often have on site accommodation.


Below is a list of some examples:


Eagle Ridge

Lindenderry at Red Hill

Morning Star Estate

Peppers Moonah Links

Portsea Hotel

Ranelagh Club

Stillwater at Crittenden

Portsea Golf Club


3/ The Beach wedding

Hate Sand? Well you better forget having a beach wedding. A Mornington Peninsula Beach wedding offers oodles of character and appeal. Holding your wedding ceremony on the beach is about as close to nature as a wedding ceremony can get. But be aware the weather can on occasions be unkind. If the sun is beating down it can be hot for you both and your guests. It might also involve a lot of squinting which believe me is not good for your images. The best lighting for your wedding photography is overcast soft light. Yep those boring dull overcast Melbourne days are a photographers dream.


Below is a list of some examples:

All Smiles

Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron


Other areas I have photographed beach weddings include; Koonya Back beach, Portsea Front Beach, Mills Beach Mornington, Mt Martha Beach, Shoreham Beach and Balnarring Beach just to name a handful. It’s important to contact local council to get permission to hold your ceremony.


So there you have it a brief but informative piece of help on finding the perfect Mornington Peninsula wedding venue.