Natural Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

When I ask wedding couples about what sort of wedding photography do you like, usually after a moment of thought they reply:

Well we don’t really like too much posed photography, and I hate having my photo taken . . . I guess what we really want is more natural photos

I hear this response time and time again and I think why? And I guess its because that’s exactly what we deliver .

Natural non posed classical wedding photography. . .

That’s what we specialize in. I believe you get great shots from helping your client feel relaxed and just helping them have a laugh and be themselves.

Sure we give direction but I do it with little fuss. And another great tool is the use of a long lens. This allows you to give the subject space to feel free and just be themselves. And that’s what photography is about helping the client feel relaxed which in turn will bring out their real emotion and feelings.