Willow Creek Wedding – Diana & Cormac 11 February 2012

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Well did I hear someone say rain on your big day is good luck. Just as we gathered the guests after Diana and Cormac’s wedding ceremony at Willow Creek Winery the skies opened up. There I was perched up a Ladder giving my normal speel of bossy photographer directions for the group pics and down she came. A rounded lens head made matters all the worse. I mean we can expect this weather in November as it has delivered year after year but February. Okay back to the wedding . . . believe it or not rain can be great. It produces the wonderful wrap around effect and there is no hash squinting. Willow Creek has a beaut lake down the bottom if you can get to it. The vines are wonderful and there is a cute homestead that is an awesome backdrop for some classical shots. There’s also some wonderful coastal spots close by . . . but I’m only sharing this with those fortunate couples that book our services.