Photo weekly tip – Creating image Impact

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So you have taken the plunge and after much research purchased a wonderful Digital Camera. And it’s not just any camera, this ones a DSLR. Its nice and chunky, with a big lens and amazing number of Mega pixels. Now your set to take almost award worthy images. Many of us think that stunning images are the result of high end photography equipment. I mean with all those dots per inch, how could you get it wrong? But, my fellow Photographer friends there are 3 key fundamental things missing here. These being: composition, emotion and that wow factor ( as much as I hate this cliche). These 3 elements are paramount to producing stunning photographs. The composition helps draw the viewers eye into the shot. The elements need to be balanced, uniform and pleasing to look at. As for Emotion ask yourself does my image stir up feeling and  emotion? Does it make the viewer smile or cry? Lastly does it have that wow factor or rather jump out at you. Get these 3 things correct and your well on your way to making the ordinary Extraordinary.