Photo weekly tip – Photo Composition

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Last week  we lightly talked about Photo composition, and I thought this week we would get a little bit into the nuts n bolts on what’s its all about.  When you compose an image you want your viewers eye drawn into the focal or central point. So ask your self when looking through the view finder are there elements that are distracting to the image. You want that scene to look simplistic and harmonious to the eye. The bride shown above by the window is a classical timeless piece with elements showing harmony. Note how the curtains help frame her. Note also the use of  black and white, giving it that timeless appeal. Brides love those details shots and often the veil on its own are difficult to capture. You can see here with the veil across the chair that we have all elements in proportion. The colours are also very simplistic and chairs and flowers compliment one another. You can also see how we have darkened the edges in both images. Now this darkening called vignetting has the effect of drawing your eye into the subject. You don’t want to go too dark and you do not need photoshop to achieve this. Adobe Light Room 4 has a quick shortcut button to achieve this. We run workshops in a hands on environment that might interest you.