Photo weekly tip – Which lens for you?

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Yes pipe down you lot. I know this post is a tad late, but hopefully you will find it useful. Now you’ve spent all that time researching which camera is right and you have milked the sales Rep dry for product info. Well so you thought. Now generally when we buy a Digital SLR camera it comes with a standard 50mm fixed lens or if your lucky a lens with a bit of zoom on it. Now my fellow friends never, never short cut yourself on good lenses. You are far better purchasing one lens and adding another as you go.

A good lens will far outlast your camera. And believe me the big difference in lens quality is image sharpness. I have seen Professional Photographers who short change the quality of their work using just middle of the range lenses. Even if your not a fully fledged photography addict like myself, do yourself a favour and get a good lens.

But “Which lens for you?”. Pretty good question eh? Don’t get sucked in with wanting the biggest and best looking monster. Ask yourself what type of photography do you really like to do. Is it people, travel, family snaps or landscapes. Below are my suggestions:

1/ What’s a good all round main lens?

28-70mm lens is a great starting lens. It gives you a bit of angle and the ability to zoom in. It’s my main lens and is ideal for family portraits and travel or kids events.

2/ Whats a good zoom lens?

70 – 200 is a great lens for zooming up and how useful is this for kids sport. What I love about this lens is the ability to create wonderful depth of field. Oops I have thrown in technical talk. Just think of depth of field being the ability to keep a back ground in or out of focus. Set the lens to f2.8 and create stunning focus on the subject with blurry foreground and background.

3/  What’s a good wide angle lens?

14 – 24mm is a brilliant lens for shooting awesome landscape pics. I find my wedding clients love those images where I can pull in a dramatic landscape or a dramatic sky. This is an ideal lens for travel and great for capturing big buildings and creating nice angles and lines.

So there you go. These are my favourite lenses. There are many other formats out there and I cant stress enough the importance of good quality lenses. You can find out more about Nikon Lenses here: So happy shooting all!