Landscape Photography done like a Pro

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Hello there. Having just come back from shooting landscapes over in New Zealand ( such a gorgeous place ) how about I share some of my knowledge to help make you a better photographer.


So bookmark my site, as over the coming weeks I am going to share some valuable tips.


To begin lets take a look at the right equipment. So below is a summary of what you will need.


1/ Camera

Digital SLR camera is best giving you more creativity and control over the image. If you think you can make awesome pics with a compact camera or mobile phone don’t read on.


2/ Tripod

A tripod is necessary to help compose the shot and allows you to shoot at slow shutter speeds, therefore creating those wispy clouds or the silk like flow of water. A tripod is also required if you want to shoot using a Neutral density filter.

Spend as much money as you can on a tripod. Make sure the tripod is sturdy. Last thing you want is a flimsy tripod blowing over in the wind and ruining your camera. I use a Manfrotto.


3/ Lens

Use a lens that is reasonably wide angle. A lens I like is 28 – 70 mm is ideal giving some good angle and some zoom. You can also use a 70 -200 to pick up distant objects.


4/ Polariser

Polarisers work a lot like Polaroid sunglasses. They really help cut down on sun glare and work brilliantly on bringing out the details in water. You will notice that you will need to alter your exposure letting in more light as the polariser will make your images darker. So do this by altering your f stop or slow the shutter slightly.


5/ Cable release

When you shoot below 60 shutter speed you will need to use a tripod to prevent blur in your images. When you are shooting very slow shutter speeds you will need a cable release to trigger the shutter.


So get out there whilst the weather begins to warm up and capture some awesome landscape pics.