Planning your Wedding timings

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Wedding timings – If you’re a bride to be I bet those 2 words send your pulse racing. I mean Planning your wedding timings is no easy feat and just when you think you have it all down pat along comes Aunt Bessy with her own elaborate explanation of wedding timings.

After all its your wedding day isnt it? Or is it everyone else’s day. Yes after 6 months of planning your wedding timings I bet you feel a bit like your chasing your tail in circles. I know when I got married ( way back in the dark ages ) all I wanted to plan was my honeymoon. But I am a boy.

So with well over 10 years experience helping couples plan out their wedding timings I think I might just be able to share with you some tips. So here goes:

Don’t stress – the sooner your realize that things do not go exactly to plan on your wedding day the better. Those brides that get all stressed out find the day over in a whirlwind and they remember very little. Remember everyone is there for you both. So take a deep breath.

1/ 45 mins – 1hour –  The grooms home wedding timings – Generally allow up to one hour to photograph here. Remember its great to get all the detail shots here, like shoes, belts, cuff links, rings etc.

2/ 1.5 hours – Brides home wedding timings, here its great to get all those small personal items, like shoes, dress hanging up ( remember a wooden hanger is best) flowers etc. These shots take time and you also need to plan your hair and make up timings to ensure they fall in line with the photographers wedding timings. There is nothing worse than your hair and make up eating into your wedding photography time.

3/ Ceremony wedding timings 30 mins – Generally outside weddings with a celebrant take about 30 mins. Allow extra time if you plan to be late.

4/ Group photography wedding timings 30 mins –  Id allow a good 30 minutes in your wedding timings for group pics. Maybe have a list to give to the MC.

5/ Location shoot wedding timings 1 hour – The location shoot is where you achieve your most treasured wedding images. So you need to work closely with the photographer to discuss ideas and options. We generally spend 45 minutes per location. So with your wedding timings allow extra slots of 45 mins per location.

6/ The reception 30 mins – this area you need to discuss with the photographer, but generally speech shots are pretty tricky ( particularly if the  presenter avoids eye contact ). The best reception shots are when everyone is looking really relaxed and casual, perhaps during drinks and nibbles before the big formal sit down. Cocktail style weddings make for better images as people are more relaxed and can mingle with who they want to.

One other tip is I would avoid fixed 5 or 6 hour packages as before you know it you will be paying more. Oh and another hint milk your photographer for planning your wedding timings. We do it all the time and have a good grip on how your wedding day timings might run.