Australian Professional Photographer of the year awards 2015

Entering Photography Awards is so beneficial in improving the quality of your work as a photographer. Particularly so when so many new up and comming photographers enter the market it is vital to push your boundaries competitively. Survival is about creating your own niche and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Photography Judges are always excited by those works of art that are visually eye catching and presenting work outside of the box. Much of my award work over the years falls in the landscape category of which I love to sell to my wedding clients. Being based down on the Mornington Peninsula I am presented with a vast array of brilliant landscapes.

2004 was the first year entering the Awards and yes my images bombed. I think that’s quite normal and its through analysing others work and mixing with other judges that you learn what it takes to craft beautiful pieces of artwork. Personally I like a piece of work which presents harmony and beauty. It needs to take me away and offer peace.

If your considering entering the awards don’t hesitate. Give it your best shot and don’t doubt yourself. Through sheer hard work I’ve had a great run at achieving Awards 11 years straight. I must admit though those high distinctions are hard to obtain as are Gold Awards. To acheive an award you need to achieve a score of 80 out of 100.

My scores follow:

82: Silver Award – Trees in the field
78: Jetty
78: Building
75: Forrest with carcass photocrati gallery