Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photography

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Morning Star Estate located on Sunnyside Road Mt Eliza has to be one of the Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photography top locations.  When you are searching for a wedding venue to hold you Mornington Peninsula wedding Photography with so many choices it can be quite confusing. So where do you begin? If I was a young couple I would try to identify some broad categories. For instance make some headings along the lines of: Beach wedding, Up market wedding venue, Rustic wedding venue, Boutique winery, Pub wedding, Golf wedding venue. Once you have identified these key categories now make a listing of venues which fall under those. Or you might just find for instance you want a rustic Boutique winery. A good place to start your research might be: the Visit Mornington Peninsula website

Obviously the number of guests you have will upfront out rule many venues. You also need to identify do you want formal sit down or do you want  an easy going cocktail style setting.

Planning your wedding around where  Mornington Peninsula’s best spots for wedding photography is another thing to consider, and you probably really need to meet some local Mornington Peninsula photographers who know the turf well.  Why go for a Melbourne based photographer who more than likely will take you to the Mornington Peninsula wedding photography spots which everyone knows. The end result is your wedding photos will be like everyone else. If you truely want unique wedding images from the Mornington Peninsula then it certainly pays to use a local.

Now the venue I have displayed here I have harped upon as being one of the Mornington Peninsula’s finest wedding venue’s, and believe me Morning Star Estate Winery truely is. First up the food is divine,  the gardens and venue are the perfect backdrop for your Mornington Peninsula wedding photography. You have the choice of the magnificent vines, blooming rose garden and cascading fountain. Just to name a few fabulous choices. Lastly Zomato previously urbanspoon is a good spot to check out the food on offer.