Ace Hire Ranch weddings Mornington Peninsula with James Harvie Photography

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Well my friends I have driven past Ace Hire Ranch many times and just like you I thought it was merely a horse riding ranch or school.


But this is certainly one amazing spot on the Mornington Peninsula to hold your wedding ceremony. In fact it’s more than amazing its brilliant.


I think what I love about it is its rustic charm and easy going feel. If you’re a bride or groom to be and are hunting for a rustic Mornington Peninsula wedding venue then you need to pay a visit.


The ceremony was outside close to the horse drawn carts. The wedding venue was in a very earthy wooden rustic shed or barn, which with the lights dimmed had a wonderful ambiance.


For your wedding photography location shoot there was no need to drive anywhere. We had this wonderful paddock beyond. I managed to convince the bridal party and wedding couple that we could make some great shots from this area. The light was perfect and we had some gorgeous props ( trees and rustic old carts). I simply asked my couple to walk off into the distance as I stayed put. I could use a very long lens to create these spectacular scenic Mornington Peninsula wedding photography shots.


As the day moved on towards dusk the light just kept getting better. Sure we managed to capture our standard stock shots but I managed to go that extra mile and create some stunning Mornington Peninsula landscape wedding images that could be treated as pieces of art. I think that’s what really differentiates our wedding work.


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