Top tips to finding your Mornington Peninsula wedding Photographer

With so many wedding Photographers it can be quite confusing finding the perfect one for your wedding day. As you research jumping from one website to the other it can become quite confusing. So to help make your search more helpful I thought I would write you some tips.

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1/ Price

This is the first question nearly every couple wants to know. Your wedding images are most likely going to be the only item to remind you fully of that one special day. So it’s in your best interests to steer clear shopping around on price. You are far better booking a quality well respected photographer. I hear of so many couples with friends who were dissatisfied with the end result. “Pay peanuts = Expect peanuts”


2/ Go with a local

If you were planning a honeymoon and you had the choice between the travel agent who had visited the destination and one who had just researched it, then who would you pick. I’d imagine the agent that has been to destination.


The same applies to wedding photography. You are far better going with a local who knows the venue and hidden away photo locations. A local has better knowledge of venues and wont take you to where every city photographer takes you.


3/ Photography Style

Do you like more contrived rigid poses? Do you prefer more traditional work, or really arty off beat work? Perhaps you prefer all Black and white, or natural non obtrusive work. Or maybe even landscape wedding photography. Answering this is probably pretty straight forward. You should know instantly the type of work you warm towards.


4/ The package

Do you want every original digital image or are you just wanting the edited high resolution images? Do you want frames, canvas prints, ice mounts. Do you want big traditional wedding albums, or perhaps art books?


5/ Rapport

Make sure there is a bond with your photographer. Do you even know who your photographer is on the day? Have you met your photographer?


6/ Pre wedding shoot

Does the package come with a free pre wedding shoot. This can help create rapport and is a nice touch prior your wedding day.


7/ Is the photographer part of the AIPP?

( Australian Institute of Professional Photography )

If your photographer is a member or better still a Master Photographer with the AIPP then this gives you greater confidence you are dealing with a professional.


8/ Real wedding folio

Ask to see an actual folio from a real wedding

Sure its good to view the best wedding images but what about taking a look at an actual real wedding from start to finish.


9/ Image Quantity

Is there a guarantee of how many images you receive? Are the images edited.


10/ Photography hours

How many hours will your photographer be present? Will your photographer help plan out the day for you? What are the additional charges for extra time?


11/ Refund

What happens if something goes horribly wrong and you end up with no photos? Are you refunded? Does the photographer re shoot the wedding?


12/ Payment plans

Can the wedding be paid for in instalments?


13/ Online gallery

Is there an online gallery to share with family and friends? Does the online gallery contain water marking?


14/ Copy write.

Can you make copies of the images?


15/ Digital files

Are these provided at full size as shot? Are they downsized in any manner?


16/ Digital re touching

What does this involve?


17/ Album Process

What in put do you have into the design of your wedding album? Where are the albums made? How long does the album take? What size can I have my album?


18/ How long has the Photographer been in business?

Did you know that most photographers work 2 jobs? Also did you know that research indicates that 28% of Australian wedding photographers shoot between 1-5 weddings a year? This number is so low due to an over supply of photographers.


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