Top 5 Melbourne Wedding Photo locations

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Finding your best Melbourne wedding photo locations is no easy task as there are just so many options.


The difficulty with finding the top 5 Melbourne wedding photo locations all comes down to logistics. For starters you will most likely be on a tight schedule. You have no control over traffic, parking and other weddings in the same spot.

If you want to avoid the cliché ( what everyone does ) then steer clear of Brighton Beach boxes, Parliament steps and Luna Park. Sure these spots are good but if you really want something a little different then I think I can help you out.


So here is my top 5 Melbourne Photo locations:


1/ Docklands

If you desire images with a really powerful modern feel with lots of angles and lines then Docklands is a good start. Parking is pretty easy along a side street off Lorimer Street and if you have a good hour you can get around to Harbour Esplanade just need Woolshed Pub.


2/ Fitzroy Gardens

Just off Lansdowne Street and pretty much opposite Treasury Place is a wonderful line of trees. I love to place my bride right in the centre of the trees. Using a wide angle lens can provide perfect symmetry. You can also use the pathways and green grass for dramatic Melbourne Fine Art wedding Photography.


3/ South Melbourne Town Hall

Right opposite the South Melbourne Police Station on Bank Street is South Melbourne Town Hall. Often we line the cars up here. There is also a real European feel to the area and lastly I love to use the old shop front on the corner of Bank Place and Cecil Street.


4/ Hosier Lane

Definitely a Melbourne wedding photography icon is Hosier Lane. Probably not perfect for all your wedding pics but certainly great for some fun shots with bridal party. Parking can be tricky.


5/ Fawkner Park

Fawkner Park is probably not one of the most popular spots but I certainly really like it. The trees are beautiful and you can create a real landscape feel to your wedding images. I really do believe in not just shooting my wedding couple but involving the surroundings for very natural timeless Melbourne Wedding images. The Willows is just around the corner.




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