10 tips to finding the right Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographer

10 tips to finding the right Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographer

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Need some help finding the right Mornington Peninsula wedding Photographer? Finding the right Photographer for you is very important for 1 key reason. When the wedding is over your Mornington Peninsula wedding images are the only item to remind you of your special day.

Now because I have been shooting weddings on the Mornington Peninsula since 2001 I just might have a few vital tips to help you find that special Mornington Peninsula Photographer. So let’s get down to business and let me share with you all what I consider to be the top points to finding a Photographer which is just right for you.

1/ Select a Photographer who knows the Venue

A photographer who is a local Mornington Peninsula Photographer is bound to know the best spots in and around your venue to give you the best images.

2/ Select a Photographer who knows the best Photo locations.

A photographer who is a local Mornington Peninsula Photographer is also going to know the best hidden away spots to give you the best images. I’m very secretive about my Mornington Peninsula photography locations as I like to give my clients opportunities which they wont find elsewhere. Living on the Mornington Peninsula gives me a distinct advantage for hunting out those special unknown secluded photo locations.

3/ Select a Photographer your venue recommends

Unbiased opinion from your wedding venue is a far more powerful tool than performing a google search. So why not ask your venue for any photographer recommendations. This is a good starting point.

4/ Personality – make sure you feel comfortable with your photographer.

Making sure you connect and feel at ease with your photographer is so important. Your wedding day is bound to be a little stressful and the last thing you want is a photographer you don’t feel connected with. I often offer couples a pre wedding Mornington Peninsula photo shoot. This helps break the ice, I get to know the client ( their best photographic points ) and often my clients get to use their images for their wedding invitations.

5/ Do you receive a free online Gallery?

Find out if you can have an online gallery viewable 24/7 on your mobile or tablet. It’s a great way to have your wedding images viewable from anywhere around the globe.

6/ Is the Photographer a Member of the AIPP?

Select an accredited professional photographer who is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. Do you want to risk having your wedding images produced by a non professional? I have had so many clients over the years of shooting weddings here on the Mornington Peninsula tell me of horror stories of complete disappointment when they used a cheap wedding photographer. Remember your wedding images are the one thing to remember your wedding by and over time these will grow in sentimental value.

7/ Is there a signed contract?

 It is so important to have a contract in writing so both the photographer and client understand the terms and conditions. You need to know what happens if something goes wrong on the wedding day and you end up with no images. Horrible as it may sound it’s important to cover these types of things. What happens if you change the wedding date?

8/ Meet the photographer.

Make sure you get to meet the actual photographer who you will be working with. Make sure you get to see the actual photographers folio of work.

9/ Pre wedding shoot.

Is there a free pre wedding trial shoot? This helps break the ice & build a relationship. It is also useful for having some gorgeous images of you both prior your wedding. Sometimes my clients use an image for their invitations or we make a big print for all the wedding guests to sign around the print boarder.

10/ What payment plans are offered?

How do you pay your deposit. Are there evenly spread out payment options? Is everything paid for prior the wedding or some afterwards? You want to be clear about these questions.

It is quite a task selecting your wedding photographer but I hope with these 10 key points in mind I can help put you in the right direction for selecting your Mornington Peninsula wedding photographer. In fact the points will be useful to anyone starting their search for the perfect wedding photographer.

Below is a list of my favourite Mornington Peninsula wedding venues:

1/ Morning Star Estate

2/ All Smiles – Sorrento

3/ Lindenderry – Red Hill

4/ Portsea Hotel

5/ The Rocks Mornington

6/ Summerfields Estate and Country House

7/ Baxter Barn

8/ Maxs Restaurant Red Hill

9/ Epicurean Red Hill

10/ Karrawingi Park