Melbourne Wedding Photographer – 10 vital tips to find your

Melbourne Wedding Photographer – 10 vital tips to find your

Having trouble finding the right Wedding Photographer in Melbourne? Want to know what to ask a Melbourne wedding Photographer?

So your’ve made the decision to have your wedding around Melbourne but how on earth will you find the right photographer for you? With so many different Melbourne wedding Photographers finding the right one is no easy task.

Your Melbourne Photography wedding images are going to be the one thing to remember your big Melbourne wedding day. So with that in mind don’t you think its work investing some time finding the right one for you?

So the research

begins. You ask friends, start browsing Melbourne online wedding photography galleries. Before long you soon realize that if you want anyone decent you will need to invest a fair sum of coin. From my experience ( at the time of writing this blog ) you will need to spend around 3K to have anyone descent. Sadly pay peanuts = get peanuts.

In my years of shooting Melbourne weddings since 2001 I have found there are many reasons a client will book and I thought I would share with you all what I consider the 10 Vital tips to finding the perfect Melbourne Wedding Photographer.

1/ Style of work

This is bound to instantly attract you. There are many styles. Some photographers are more traditional, some are really photo journalistic, others more posed, some shoot fine art and some incorporate glorious landscapes. If your wedding is in and around Melbourne’s old buildings then it is highly likely you prefer more old world. Then if you want more contemporary you would photograph around the docklands and amazing modern buildings. The work of James Harvie Photography is more along the lines of being fine art and more natural. I prefer to provide images which are classical, non staged and really stir up emotion. If I can provide my client with images which make them reflect upon the day with happiness then I am happy.

2/ Rapport / Communication

Communication and making sure you connect with the right Melbourne Wedding photographer is vital. I love it when my clients provide ideas and image samples of what they like. This way I can get my head around their likes and dislikes. The greater the channels of communication the better I can satisfy my clients. Sometimes my clients will provide samples of images they like, which can be a great help in understanding the style of work they like.

3/ Pricing

Obviously from your research you will develop a budget or estimate. If you have to go over by $500 – $800 for your Melbourne wedding photographer it may be money well worth spent. What is the point of booking your photographer based on price and then you end up with images which make your squirm and cringe. Surely it’s more important to have images you can be proud of and which make you feel really happy. Remember your wedding images are to keep for a lifetime so it’s worth doing your research.

4/ Accreditation

I would seriously make sure your Melbourne wedding photographer is an accredited professional. Check to see if he or she is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. Doing so gives you more confidence you are dealing with a professional and not someone who just puts on their weekend wedding photographer cap.

5/ Photography Awards

Do some research on the photographers awards. Do they participate in entering awards locally and overseas? How well have they done in awards?  Do they help judge photography awards? How well known in the industry is the photographer? Don’t be afraid to ask these questions.  A photographer who enters awards is likely to be on the pulse with trying to better and improve their skill and art.

6/ Contract

Is there a binding contract so both parties ( Melbourne Wedding Photographer and client ) know each ones obligations. Things need to be in writing and if you don’t understand something then ask. Your Melbourne wedding photographer is experienced in answering questions. Remember finding your wedding photographer is quite a learning curb and it is not going to be easy. 

7/ Deposit

Does the photographer include payment options. Can you pay over time? What happens if you decided to cancel your Melbourne wedding or change the date?

8/ Pre wedding shoot

Is there the option for a trial wedding photo shoot? This can be a great time to break the ice, trial your make up and organise an image for your wedding invitations. Its also awesome to have some professional fun photos of you both before tying the knot.

9/ Free online Gallery

Is there a free online gallery offered? Wouldn’t it be brilliant to have your Melbourne wedding images available on your phone or tablet and viewable anywhere in the world?

10/ Wedding albums

Does your photographer offer wedding albums as part of your wedding package? Some clients avoid albums wanting to cut costs or fear they will never look at it. In the digital world platforms and devises are constantly changing. A handcrafted fine art wedding album is yours to keep forever and over time an album will increase in sentimental value. Find out where the albums are made and what guarantees are offered on the product. Make sure to view all the cover options and find out if there are any hidden album costs.

Whilst there are other items important to consider when searching for the perfect Melbourne wedding photographer these 10 tips are bound to help get you on your way.