Melbourne Fine Art wedding photography Fitzroy Gardens

Melbourne Fine Art wedding photography Fitzroy Gardens

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Melbourne for your wedding photography really does offer some gorgeous opportunities to produce exceptional Fine art wedding Photography and Fitzroy Gardens certainly delivers the goods.


So scratching your head wondering what’s this fine art Melbourne Photography term actually means? Well let me help explain. I guess in simply terms a fine art photographer is one which captures images which are intended to be appreciated as a fine piece of artwork. These are images which go further than just a normal cliché wedding images. Fine art images are pieces of Photography art which in their own right are pieces of artwork which can me marvelled at for years to come.


One particular Melbourne Photography location which lends itself to providing the elements for fine art wedding photography is Melbourne’s own Fitzroy Gardens.


There is this gorgeous row of trees which provide perfect composition for helping balance and frame my client. The result is generally a very fine piece of work which a client could proudly display on their wall as a frame, canvas or acrylic.


Fitzroy gardens trees work perfectly to frame the bride and groom and help provide images of timeless quality. When photography my clients here I love to use a very long zoom lens stopped down to around 2.8 Aperture setting. This ensures the background is nice and blurred. I also love to capture the trees high above which help add drama to the images. For me Fitzroy gardens is all about trees and leading pathways which direct the viewers eyes into the subject.


My client Jade and Jonathan began their day at the grooms home. There was quite a bit of laughter and anxiousness which can often be great to capture. Here I was able to record some very natural images of the day coming together.


The brides home was a bit more of a serious matter. Often there is a bit more tension as hair and make up artists perform their magic work. Jades Mother was very amusing engrossed in my every move.


The ceremony was held at St Ignatious Church 326 Church St Richmond. This is a gorgeous Church and perfect for old worldly wedding Photography. In fact one of the things I also like is there is onsite parking which when having to carry heavy photography gear is a big relief. For the group shot the steps are wonderful and you often hear the toot of a horn as the public drive past tooting their congratulations. When facing the church to the left there is a lovely blue stone building which is perfect for some Melbourne Fine Art wedding Photography.


After our 1st location shoot at Fitzroy gardens we moved back to one of my favourite Melbourne Wedding venues Leonda by the Yarra. You can also get in some stunning wedding Photos at Leonda down on the cute jetty. I love to capture a shot of my couple taken from way above. It adds a nice moody Melbourne wedding Photography image and my clients are always impressed by it.


Back at reception one of the best things about Leonda by the Yarra is the spaciousness of the venue. There is just so much room which provides a lovely open feel. The staff are wonderful and the food is brilliant.


I photographed the 1st part of the reception which was brilliant to capture the 1st dance. Its always good to cover some of the reception taking the focus off the couple and getting some good moments of all the guests having a good time. All in all we had a wonderful Day and I am sure Jade and Jonathan will be equally impressed with their images as I am.


Special thanks to the following wonderful suppliers:


Dress – Mori Lee 

Shoes – Alan Pinkus 

Florist – Desflora