Mornington Peninsula Event Photography– James Harvie Photography

Mornington Peninsula Event Photography– James Harvie Photography


Those moments in life where we are all brought together as one family are in many respects simply irreplaceable so it pays to hire a professional Mornington Peninsula Photographer to help encompasses the fun and emotion of a family and friends celebration right here on the Mornington Peninsula.


Your event might be a 50th, 70th or 80th Mornington Peninsula Birthday celebration. As a professional Master Photographer I have a team of professional photographers ready to capture your special moments.


My latest Photo shoot was a wonderful occasion with a wonderful group of people. The venue was the Baths Restaurant in Sorrento. The celebration was an 80th Birthday party.


The Baths is a wonderful venue which I have photographed many weddings at. Sadly the baths was destroyed by fire but since has been re built. In fact I am now more fond of the venue as there seems to be more room and a real abundance of natural light which I might add is a photographers friend.


Instructions on the day from my client was a mixture of candid fly on the wall type shots as well as some group shots. Upon arrival I knew the group shots would be tricky as we had to battle with the sun. Direct sunlight is a real headache for photography as it means the sun and glare gets in everyone’s eyes and there ends up with an abundance of squinting which does not result in nice images.


Hats off to all the staff at The Baths though as they very kindly allowed me to use the main restaurant and with a bit of table clearing I had the ideal opportunity to set all guests up for a big cheesy group capture.


Once the group photos were out of the way I got down to the task of capturing those lovely candid natural images which ( I am told ) my clients love my work for. If you love those natural images which evoke real emotion then I am the photographer for you as I also love these images. When you look back at an image you want it to show all the emotion which will really help warm your heart and make you smile and that my friends is what photography is all about. We are not about stiff awkward cliché photography.


There are certain tools I employ at your special function or event to help make things fall into place. First of all I swear by using a long zoom lens. The long lens helps keep you out of peoples faces. No one will pose natural with a camera up close on them. I also like to create lots of depth of field. That’s the blurry out of focus effect you see in images. I actually run workshops on Photography if you are interested. And yes we talk all about depth of field. So to create this blurred background effect we stop the aperture down to around 2.8 or so. Now you need to make sure your not photography lots of people but rather zooming up to one individual. On such a low aperture other people in the shot will be blurred so this is why we just zone in on one individual.


Anyway getting back to our function at The Baths. I would have spent about 3 hours here. What was great also is the function was stand up so this way people can mingle with who they want. If you have guests seated it can tend to get a little stuffy and stiff for candid natural photographs. A cocktail type event lends it self towards far more natural photographs, and that is what I like to provide.


The only structured component for my Mornington Peninsula 80th Birthday celebration was speeches and even those were quite an emotional part of the day. Because the speeches were rather unstructured I managed to capture some great laughs and just natural expressions amongst the birthday guests.


My client was blown away with the results I provided and as a photographer I experience a wonderful sense of joy being able to provide such priceless images for my clients. Life is a celebration and a celebration deserves to be captured in stills.


I hope you enjoyed this small insight into what goes on behind the scenes of award winning natural function Photography right here on the fabulous Mornington Peninsula.