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Nikon Df Retro camera review

First Impressions Okay Photography friends here we have one funky Retro looking camera unit that from my opionion is quite capable as being used as a Professional Camera.I recall when I began as a professional all the camera’s had gone plastic. Don’t you remember those days of all those awesome looking metal body camera units ... Read More

Landscape Photography done like a Pro

  Hello there. Having just come back from shooting landscapes over in New Zealand ( such a gorgeous place ) how about I share some of my knowledge to help make you a better photographer.   So bookmark my site, as over the coming weeks I am going to share some valuable tips.   To ... Read More

Photo weekly tip – Which lens for you?

Yes pipe down you lot. I know this post is a tad late, but hopefully you will find it useful. Now you’ve spent all that time researching which camera is right and you have milked the sales Rep dry for product info. Well so you thought. Now generally when we buy a Digital SLR camera it ... Read More

Photo weekly tip – Selling on Ebay

  Just about all of us have sold items on ebay right? And just about all of us have parted with our item to sell at far less than what we thought it was worth right?  So how can you get a great price on ebay? Sure you can add banners and bold bits but ... Read More

Photo weekly tip – Selling your car online

So it’s time to sell your car online and you need to get some quick shots up ready. But how is the best way to do this? Now before you leap in let’s have a think about this. Put your self in the customers shoes. It’s a week night and there’s not much on tv ... Read More

Photo weekly tip – Stuck on “Auto or Program mode”?

Guilty! Yes you. Stuck on Program or Auto mode every time you snap away with that camera of yours? Well the good news is your not alone. Did you know that 2/3rds of people who own a digitals SLR ( DSLR ) never venture away from using the “Program or Auto” function on their camera. ... Read More

Photo weekly tip – Photo Composition

Last week  we lightly talked about Photo composition, and I thought this week we would get a little bit into the nuts n bolts on what’s its all about.  When you compose an image you want your viewers eye drawn into the focal or central point. So ask your self when looking through the view ... Read More

Photo weekly tip – Creating image Impact

So you have taken the plunge and after much research purchased a wonderful Digital Camera. And it’s not just any camera, this ones a DSLR. Its nice and chunky, with a big lens and amazing number of Mega pixels. Now your set to take almost award worthy images. Many of us think that stunning images ... Read More