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Salix Willow Creek Wedding

Salix together with Willow Creek Winery on the Mornington Peninsula is a gorgeous Autumn wedding venue. It’s rustic, has cute charm, and amazing wedding photography possibilities. When we have time we try to get our couples, as Lim and Yip did, off to some local hot photo destinations for what we call the location shoot. The ... Read More

Willow Creek Weddings

  Willow Creek Weddings set on the Mornington Peninsula offers a simply stunning Mornington Peninsula Wedding venue giving you the chance to capture some gorgeous Mornington Peninsula wedding photos. Over the years we have photographed numerous weddings here and Willow Creek continues to deliver stunning wedding photography opportunities. Couples can use the vines, the long ... Read More

Willow Creek Winery Scottish Wedding

With the boys in kilts for their Scottish  wedding theme Nicole and Brian tied the knot at Willow Creek Winery on the Mornington Peninsula.  Willow Creek for your wedding has the perfect backdrop for stunning Mornington peninsula wedding images.  The light was perfect for photography and with a small bridal party we had plenty of ... Read More

Willow Creek Wedding – Diana & Cormac 11 February 2012

Well did I hear someone say rain on your big day is good luck. Just as we gathered the guests after Diana and Cormac’s wedding ceremony at Willow Creek Winery the skies opened up. There I was perched up a Ladder giving my normal speel of bossy photographer directions for the group pics and down ... Read More