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Planning your wedding day can be quite daunting and planning weddings on the Mornington Peninsula or wedding photography in Melbourne can be really confusing. There are just so many venues. Then comes the photography. Should you use a family friend or amateur photographer? Should you use someone experienced in Melbourne wedding photography or shooting weddings on the mornington Peninsula?

So to help simplify the process James Harvie Photography has put together some common answers to Melbourne and mornington peninsula wedding photography.

1) Why should I use a professional photographer?

Your wedding day is a one time event so you only have one chance at getting it right. Your wedding images or album will be the only item you have to recall your one special day. You have invested all that time and money in the dress, the wedding venue and all the detail.

A professional photographer will know how to work with poor light, know how to co-ordinate guests, know the best locations for photography, know how to create artistic images and know how to edit images and to make you look amazing.

2) My friend is a photographer so why don’t I use them?

Does your friend have over 15 years experience in shooting weddings. What type of photography is your friend best at? Does your friend know the best locations around for Melbourne wedding photography? Does your friend have detailed knowledge of weddings across the Mornington Peninsula?

Anyone can photograph a wedding. Simply purchase a digital SLR and snap away. Wedding photography is far more complex than this. Sure if you just want average photos with exposure and colours out of whack, poor composition, lack of contrast then go for it. But if you want truly stunning images that are really striking and beautiful then you owe it to yourself to use a professional.

3)  What is an AIPP Accredited Photographer?

The AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) is Australias leading membership association for the professional photography community. For Melbourne wedding photography always ensure your photographer is accredited with the AIPP, the same applies for weddings on the mornington peninsula.

4) Why choose a photographer thats shoots weddings on the mornington peninsula?

It all comes down to experience. Its important to see a sample of weddings on the mornington peninsula that the photographer has photographed.

5) Should I choose a studio based in Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula?

From experience I tend to find those studios that are not based on the morninton peninsula tend to take you to the same spots for your wedding that everyone goes to. For weddings on the mornington peninsula you are far better using a local. Local photographers have far better knowledge. A local photographer knows the venues, has a good grip on timings, and a knowledge of the best spots for outstanding wedding images.

For wedding photography in Melbourne again you need a photographer that knows the venues, has experience, ask to see a folio of their work.

6) How much time do we need to allow for photography?

James Harvie Photography time line generally flows like this:

Grooms home ( 45 mins )

Brides home (1.5 hrs)

Ceremony ( 30 mins – 1 hr)

Family shots (30 mins)

Location shoot ( allow 45 mins per location)

For wedding photography in Melbourne you may need to add extra time for parking and traffic. For weddings on the mornington peninsula often we use the venue and then you need to allow time to travel to various beach locations

7) How long have you been in Business

James Harvie Photography was registered as a business in 2001 and is an accredited photographer with the AIPP.

8 ) Photography awards

James Harvie Photography has won numerous awards for their work and continuosly strives to produce work that is of the highest standard.

9) Do I get the high resolution edited images?

Yes James Harvie Photography will provide you with edited high resolution images

10) Does James Harvie Photography shoot weddings interstate and Overseas

If your wedding is overseas, for instance in Fiji, your photographer will likely be part of the package deal you organise. You might not have much say in your photography or what you get. Island photography can be a bit like bums on seats, the work is the same day in day out.

We do shoot weddings overseas and find that our clients come to us as a result of the unique style we offer.

We also shoot weddings interstate and weddings on the Great Barrier Reef.