10 Top Tips to find a Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographer

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Finding a wedding photographer can be quite a daunting task. First of all your treading in unfamiliar territory, as it’s not every day one goes searching for wedding Photographers. You’ve probably seen some brilliant wedding photos and then heard you can spend up to 10K when you factor in an album. Not everyone has 10K. So where do you start.


So here are my tips to finding the perfect Mornington Peninsula wedding photographer.


1/ Local Knowledge = Local Expertise

If you have chosen a Mornington Peninsula wedding venue then surely it makes sense to pick a local Mornington Peninsula Wedding Photographer. Someone local is going to know venues, be familiar with the surrounds, have experience in the area and offer the best options for you. I have been photographing weddings across the Mornington Peninsula since 2001 and I can get you into some unique locations.


2/ The wedding location shoot.

Your most treasured Mornington Peninsula wedding photos are most likely going to be taken during the wedding location shoot. With this in mind it is wise to find a Mornington Peninsula Photographer who knows those special secluded beaches to get you to or the best spots a venue has to offer. If you choose a city based photographer they will most likely have to scout around on the day for the best location spots which in my mind is poor planning.


3/ What’s a fair price?

Price would have to be the 1st thing couples often ask which I guess is only natural. But I feel as a couple would you feel happy paying $1500 for cheesy middle of the road wedding images? Id imagine 20 years on you will regret not spending that little bit extra. Generally the only thing you will have to remind you of your special day is your wedding images. Remember your wedding images are to last a lifetime not just 6 months or 3 years. So do it right.


4/ Personality

Building a good relationship / rapport with your chosen photographer is so important. You really want to make sure all parties connect. In fact trust is a key ingredient for outstanding wedding images.


5/ The Package ingredients

I’d suggest you stick your feelers out and find out what is available. Then make yourself a shortlist of all the ideal things you would like included. Ie: 1/ high resolution images on disk, 2/ Free online gallery for your mobile and to share, 3/ Albums – are these extra. Etc.


6/ Is the Photographer a Member of the AIPP?

Selecting a photographer who is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers gives you the confidence that you are dealing with a professional. It will ensure you experience the highest level of service and quality work.


7/ View a full wedding.

Make sure you see a full wedding rather than the photographers best folio images.


8/ Meet the photographer.

Make sure you get to meet the photographer who you will be dealing with.


9/ Pre wedding shoot.

Is there a free pre wedding trial shoot. This helps break the ice, build trust and best of all you get some wonderful professional couple pics before the big day. This is also great to use for your invitations.


10/ Timings

Using a Local Mornington Peninsula wedding photographer will give you greater confidence in ensuring times run smoothly. Some one local will have a far better grasp on travel times, roads to take and time needed to photograph.


So there you have it some tips to get started, and before you go away you might begin by peeking here: James Harvie Photography


We don’t just Photograph on the Mornington Peninsula . . . this is our business home.


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