Tips for getting in shape for your wedding

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Getting in shape for your wedding is no easy feat so I thought I would share with you all some tips that will get you on your way. Now what would I know? James Harvie is a wedding photographer right? Yes correct but I do have a kind of split personality. Well not exactly split but rather a heavy interest in fitness and over all well being. Some might say obsessiveness. I’m a qualified Personal Trainer and dedicated Marathon Runner.

Now your wedding ladies and Gents is one day in your life where you are the lime light. You have selected a stunning wedding dress, spent hours thinking all about your big day, have booked a top photographer ( me of course he he ). Now I’m sure you want to look absolutely stunning in your wedding dress. Make-up can only do so much and really it wont take too much effort to get you looking amazing.  I would recommend you start around 12 weeks out from the big day. There is so much I can talk about here and please be aware that my comments are just comments. I am not a health practitioner .

Due to the complexity of getting into shape and keeping it we will spread this blog over some weeks. So lets begin with your diet:



If you are dead serious about getting the weight down you need to begin by making a log of what you are eating. Do this for a week. Become familiar with how much fat, salts and sugars you are consuming.

Water tip:

Keep yourself hydrated. Now that means 2 litres of water a day. You will get used to it and I find water helps prevent lethargy and keeps you vibrant and alert. It also helps purify your body.

Our diets are comprised of 3 items: Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats. All of these are required but in moderation. Supermarkets and the media are all hyped up to pump at us their products and how good they are, but seriously get into the habit of reading the contents label. Many processed foods have too many salts, sugars or fats and Trans Fats are the worst offenders. Remember too that often if  it says “50% less fat” whats it say about the sugars.? Often one is replaced with the other. Remember raw non processed foods are best for us. So below are my daily diet suggestions and remember suggestions only:

1/ Breakfast

This meal is the most important meal. Do not skip it. Also be wary that many cereals are full of sugar. What happens in our bodies is if the sugar or glucose is not used it will be stored as fat storage.

Raw porridge is great as are raw fruits. Oats actually absorb fats.  Avoid fruit juice ( again pumped full of sugar ). Eggs are also good and full of proteins that are great for your bones.

2/ Lunch

If you want to eat bread then eat high fibre bread with lots of grains. The grainier the better.  This carbohydrate will last longer keeping you full. White bread is broken down quickly and you will be hungry again. Barley wraps with lots of salad or raw beans are good. Again watch the salt content in wraps. If you want to cut down on bread then replace with vegetables that also contain carbohydrates.

Avoid pastry – full of salt and sugars -. Avoid or cut down  cakes and biscuits and minimise take away. If you make your foods yourself you have control over whats included.

Tip: did you know that muscles have a higher metabolism than fat cells? Which means they burn more energy


3/ Dinner

When you have pasta try for wholemeal. It will break down more slowly and is better for you. If you do a lot of running 30kms a week lots of carbohydrates are required.

For protein ( strengthens our bones ) try to consume either chicken, fish or meat ( avoid pork, sausages or processed meats ). Consume lots of vegetables. Steaming is best. Avoid things like butter in mashed potato. In fact I do not see the need for butter in our diets but thats just my opinion. Dessert – substitute ice cream or pastry for a bow of fruit. Avoid tinned fuits as they are usually full of sugar.


Alcohol / Soft drinks

Now alcohol mmmmm. Many of us love it. Red wine has fewer calories than white wine and can actually be good for you ( in moderation ). Remember moderation is key to looking and feeling great. We all need some treats.

Soft drinks, as you probably know are full of sugars that are simply bound to become love handles ( that’s if you don’t burn it off ) so avoid them.  Do not be fooled by healthy packaging, read the small label.


So my friends get that food log going and stay tuned next week as I talk further about tips to making you look great on your wedding day.

These tips are pretty short but hopefully helpful.


Remember there is no use doing exercise and not eating to complement it both need to work together to reap the benefits.