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wedding bouquet designs

Finding that perfect wedding bouquet can be tricky. Does it match your dress, your skin tone? How will it last the day? We have photographed hundreds of wedding bouquets and I have to say my favourite is a nice tight bunch of roses. Wedding flowers actually go through quite a hammering and you want them ... Read More

wedding dress designs melbourne

Finding the perfect melbourne wedding dress is no doubt the number one priority for every bride to be, so here is a selection to give all those brides to be out there some ideas.

Wedding & Engagement Ring Photos

Which is the right ring for you? So many wedding ring styles… contemporary, classical, bold, petite. It’s about what you feel comfortable with and remember a ring is not something to wear for 2 – 3 years. Like your partner your wedding ring is for keeps, so you want a ring thats pretty dateless, and ... Read More

wedding shoe trends

Finding the perfect wedding shoe can be quite a confusing task. I mean firstly it needs to match your dress right? Well not necessarily so, some brides prefer a bit of excitement and opt for a vivid colour to contrast against the dress. Then again some brides opt for flat shoes and I have even ... Read More